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KMK INVESTMENT About the Company

Company Profile

KMK INVESTMENT is a subsidiary of the Al Hamed Group established in Abu Dhabi in 1979. Since then, KMK INVESTMENT has developed into a highly respected major holding company with a reputation for quality, commitment, and reliability throughout the U.A.E, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, and Morocco.

Al Hamed Enterprises is comprised of a diverse group of companies, including industry leaders in: renewable energy, homeland security solutions, telecom, hotels and resorts, infrastructure, and electric vehicles.

KMK Investment provides expertise in security and electrical solutions as well as solar energy systems. KMK INVESTMENT’s dynamic and highly-qualified management team ensures the integration of cutting-edge technology to maximize customer satisfaction and financial returns.

The three main pillars of KMK INVESTMENT’s business philosophy are 1) quality, 2) efficiency, and 3) longevity. KMK INVESTMENT’s develops strategic partnerships with premier equipment suppliers to execute projects in a timely and cost-effective fashion. KMK INVESTMENT’s offers post-warranty services to ensure total satisfaction and a long-term relationships with customers.

Our vision

To become the leading renewable energy company in the region by providing education, expertise, and affordable energy solutions so we can all move toward a more sustainable future.

Core Values

Honesty & Integrity – The core of our success
Innovation – A catalyst for change, and our means of exceeding expectations
Teamwork – To maximize the contribution of every member of our team
Commitment – To our clients, to our philosophy, and to our future

Our offerings

We design, build, install and operate solar energy and security systems to serve all client needs. Whether you want to light your home, operate a factory, or farm sustainably, we can provide a solution for you. Our clients include governments, non-profit organizations, hospitals, schools, businesses, communities, farmers, and homeowners. KMK Investments also operates as wholesalers of photovoltaic systems, solar modules, inverters, batteries and all other components of photovoltaic systems.

At KMK INVESTMENT, we continue to grow by building trust and loyalty—the basis of our relationship with customers. Throughout our growth, we maintain our commitment to our dream of improving quality of life for everyone whose lives our business touches. In maintaining this perspective, we maximize value for our clients and financial returns for our investors.